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Interview: CU Offensive Tackle Jake Wiley

May 08, 2022 Stuart Whitehair Season 3 Episode 19
CU At The Game Podcast
Interview: CU Offensive Tackle Jake Wiley
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Welcome back to our CU at the Game NIL Interview series. In this episode, we are introduced to CU’s starting offensive left tackle, Jake Wiley. Though only a sophomore in terms of eligibility, Wiley has already been through a great deal in his time in Boulder. Recruited by Mike MacIntyre’s staff as a member of the CU Recruiting Class of 2019, Wiley was already on to his third head coach by the time he was able to take to the field for the first time in 2020.

Wiley earned a spot in starting lineup during the 2021 season, but the campaign did not open well. Offensive line coach Mitch Rodrigue was let go mid-season, with quality control coach William Vlachos stepping in to coach the rest of the year. After the middle of last season, offensive line improved, and that upward trend has continued with the hiring of offensive line coach Kyle DeVan, giving Buff fans reason for optimism about the line in 2022.

Jake talks about the revolving door of coaches he has been through, and what Coach DeVan brings to the table. He also discusses how, through the adversities of the 2021 season, the offensive line has grown closer, and is excited about leaving the past in the past, and making the Buff Nation proud this fall. 

So ... What was it like growing up in Colorado, wanting to be a Buff, only to see the coach that recruited you leave before you were ever able to set foot on campus? ... What does Jake think about Coach DeVan’s quote about him that “his approach this off-season has been freaking unbelievable ... You talk about a guy that loves the game, loves the work, loves the development side of it ... I’m really excited about him” ... And what are the odds that Jake will report as a tackle eligible this fall, and get his chance to score a touchdown in Folsom Field? 

... Let’s find out ... 

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(Cont.) Interview: CU Offensive Tackle Jake Wiley