CU At The Game Podcast

Interview: CU Running Back Deion Smith

May 01, 2022 Stuart Whitehair Season 3 Episode 18
CU At The Game Podcast
Interview: CU Running Back Deion Smith
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Welcome back to our NIL Interview series. In this episode, we are introduced to junior running back Deion Smith. A highly rated recruit out of Houston, with offers from the likes of Notre Dame, UCLA, Utah, Minnesota and TCU, it was position coach Darian Hagan, and the relationship Smith and Hagan developed, which brought Smith to Boulder.

Healthy in consecutive seasons for the first time in years, Smith is ready to showcase his talents for the Buff Nation. Coming off of a 20-yard touchdown run in the CU Spring Showcase, Smith wants Buff fans to know that the running back room is ready to prove the critics wrong.

So ... What was it like for Deion to post his first career touchdowns last fall? ... Just how vanilla was the CU offense in the Spring Game? (“You can count on one hand the number of plays we ran that day”) ... And what did Deion - when putting together his own NIL podcast project - learn from the likes of Rick George and Evan Battey about the future of NIL at the University of Colorado? ... 

... Let’s find out ... 

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(Cont.) Interview: CU Running Back Deion Smith