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Interview: CU Wide Receiver Jaylon Jackson

April 17, 2022 Stuart Whitehair Season 3 Episode 16
CU At The Game Podcast
Interview: CU Wide Receiver Jaylon Jackson
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Welcome back to our CU at the Game NIL Interview series.

In this episode, we meet CU senior wide receiver Jaylon Jackson. A speedster out of a highly regarded high school program in Texas, Jackson learned some of life’s lessons early, missing almost all of his junior and senior years with torn ACL’s. Despite the setbacks, Jackson had offers from the Pac-12, the Big 12, and the SEC.

So ... Who is Jaylon Jackson? How was he able to overcome not one, not two, not three, but four season-ending injuries in his career to be named not only an All-conference Special teams player by the Pac-12 coaches, but a captain by his teammates? ... What was it like being a part of a recruiting Class which included Laviska Shenault and KD Nixon, CU recruits Jackson played against in high school? ... And what can we take from Jackson’s quote that he wished he could have had two or three more years with the current coaching staff?  ... 

... Let’s find out ... 

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(Cont.) Interview: CU Wide Receiver Jaylon Jackson